Data Clash to Immortality
video collage | storytelling 

I have done an extensive research on our data trace, how the internet affects our lives and our relationship with the world wide web.
It is undeniable that our lives today are very much dependant on the Internet. We are connected with each other, sharing data and information in bulks while being monitored at all times. However, the information that travels around is not only accessible by you and the people you share it with. In fact, the information can land in anybody’s hand, whether you like it or not. These data can be bought and own by any corporations, we might not even have any rights to our own profile photo on our social media page!
Feeling the need to tell the story of my research visually with an impact in brief, I have made the short clip - Data Clash to Immortality. Summarizing the overflow of data, our urge of immortality (being alive on the www even after our mortal death) and we should learn the rights and consequences of our data trace.
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