Mothers of Invention
exhibition design | curation
mixed media
Lidewij edelkoort who is co-founder and creator of a unique curriculum which will imbed the design disciplines (industrial design, domestic design, fashion and textile design and communication design) within the humanities (philosophy, anthropology, social studies and psychology). The School of Form will be managed by Dawid Wiener for the humanities and Agnieszka Jacobson as art director of design. Lidewij is delighted to have both Patriczia’s become part of their new campus and curriculum, as godmothers of the Domestic Design Department. They will inspire and coach new design talents how to grow in the world of form and function and how to integrate the innate Polish capacity for craft with the promise of a hyper-industrial future in a growing global market.
To celebrate the launch of the School of Form and the opening of Concordia, the new Design Centre of Poznan, this first joint exhibition of the Mothers of Invention: Patrizia Moroso + Patricia Urquiola, seeks to give an overview of their individual talent as well as the energy released when the two women join forces together.

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