You Are Over The Line 
art direction & styling
print, mixed media

You Are Here concept store is a multi label fashion retail shop situated in the design city, Eindhoven, the Netherlands. Each season, the 150 square meters space transforms its interior entirely to accommodate the meticulously selected garments and curated art and design pieces. The seasonal themes are You Are Here’s reflection towards the ever changing trends and societal transformation.
I was responsible for the art direction of You Are Here Autumn/Winter 2015/16. The theme of the season is You Are Over The Line, exploring the cross between fashion and street wear. The theme is selected based on the significant trend of sportswear infiltrating high fashion.
I have worked with a team of interior stylists to redesign the space, acquiring works of artists, designers locally and from abroad and conducted the visual merchandising of the store. I have also styled and produced a photo shoot for the season.
Editorial photoshoot by Henri Verhoef.
Fashion styling by Ismail Ahmic and me.
Interior styling by Pieteke Korte, Noesha Hu, Floor van Doremalen and Eline Ceelen.
Interior shots by Daantje Bons.
You Are Here social media content.
Moodboard A/W 15/16 - YOU ARE over the line
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